Addicted To Beads

I’m having a sick leave today. I’m having a cold – it must be from the flu vaccination I had. I’ve plenty of sleep today and I feel better. I decided to play with the beads in the afternoon since I haven’t done that for a while. I found these beads and they were still in the bag! I bought them sometime in summer. I’m addicted to beads and I never stop buying them.

I’ve been collecting beads since 2003. They’ve been following me around the world, from Australia to Finland, from Finland to Czech Republic. Czech Republic is famous for glass. There are a couple of bead shops in Prague such as Miss Bijoux, Star Beads in the city but they’re quite pricey.  I personally like to buy from this lady at the daily market. She carries a lot of glass beads with reasonable price.

The most famous Czech manufacturer is Jablonex. I’ve been planning to visit Jablonec nad Nisou – the town of glass for a long time. It’s a dangerous place for me because I know I’ll be spending a lot of money on beads.

I haven’t had time to make anymore jewellery because my work has been keeping me really busy. These are the last ones I made, back in July.

I’ve a few custom orders I need to finish this weekend. Since there’s no plan for the weekend, I’ll probably do more stuffs with my pliers and beads.


~ by A on November 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Addicted To Beads”

  1. Good choice for a second home. i hear Prague’s a really affordable place to stay, even for Asians. Especially crystal wares are known to be so much more affordable in Czech Republic than anywhere else.

    Europe can be really expensive, so Czech Republic’s the place to go to have a little European flare without breaking the bank. What do you think?

    Great posts by the way : ) Cheers

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