I Love/Hate Spring!

My spring allergies started when we visited M’s parents. There’s a birch tree outside his room. It’s the birch blooming season which will probably last for another week or two. I never knew I’m allergic to the birch pollen until last week’s skin prick test. I’ve spring allergies living in Australia and Finland but nothing serious like this one. I’ve another appointment with the immunologist in a couple of weeks time. I should know the result of my blood test.

I was updating a client’s website last weekend and I played with Photoshop (after a very long time). I couldn’t stop making these banners. I remember how much I enjoyed drawing on Illustrator and Photoshop during my uni days and those days before I turned into another corporate slave.

I made 14 of them over the weekend when my internet connection died.

Premade Ets Banner

Bought these fabrics when I was living in Helsinki and I finally got to use them! I really like the retro prints. Sewing tissue holders is very addictive. Since the BF is out of town for the long weekend, I’m going to sew more of these holders and make some dresses for the Blythe!

Speaking of Blythe… I’ve done it, again! I bought that ‘yellow hair’ from South Korea, she’s shipped via EMS, until today, the only records I see on the tracking website is – she has been dispatched on 18 April. I wonder where on earth is she now.


~ by A on April 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “I Love/Hate Spring!”

  1. I hear ya! I always get a lot of migraines in the spring. I’ve woken up with four this week! Imitrex works wonders, but it’s so expensive!

  2. I hate migraines! I get them anytime in the year.

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