Beautiful Sunday

It’s beautiful outside. Sunny and warm but a bit windy. I went out with M, we walked around the city, bought some craft supplies, a new pair of shoes (again!) and we had Thai food for lunch at our favourite restaurant. Yummy.

They’re cheap. 3x cheaper than the one I bought from Vagabond *lol* I couldn’t resist the kitten heels. They’re so cute! I’ve a lot of black shoes and it doesn’t hurt to get a pair of dark brown ones.

I’ve had these knitted tops for Blythe sitting around for quite sometime now but didn’t find time to take photos of them. They’re now up on my Etsy.

This is Liivi, my Disco Boogie. It took sometime for me to bond with her. I guess, I’m the only one who has a stock DB with short hair(?). I prefer her like this. I’m not really a fan of center-part girl – except for Star Dancer.

M’s mom made this for me, I mean, my dollies. I really like how the mix of lime green and cream colours. The background is my cashmere and silk scarf which I bought from Asia in Feb. It was still in the shopping bag until this morning. =_=

 I’m off to make some cupcakes for the boys. Am trying out some chocolate ganache.


~ by A on April 27, 2008.

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