I took a nap after reaching home from work. Not sure how many hours I’ve slept. Woke up and had some toast, now I’m cutting fabrics for tomorrow’s project. It’s a public holiday, yay!

The ‘yellow hair’ has finally arrived, safe and sound. I’m so in love with her! No name yet. She looks like a Stella for me but I’m not sure about it. I’m going to make more dresses for her. I’ll be spending the weekend with M’s family, hopefully his mom will teach me more sewing tips. She’s wearing the dress I made last year, my own pattern.

I got really sick of eating out for lunch everyday. So I’ve decided to pack my own lunch from home again! We get lunch vouchers from the company which we can use them in most of the restaurants in the city (almost 90% of them accept lunch vouchers). It’s the end of the month and I still have plenty left for April. I’m keeping them for grocery shopping at Tesco. I made some sushi last night – 3 big rolls and I cut them into 32 pieces. Yup, the best friend and I finished everything within half an hour. We’re the sushi monsters! I’ve moved here for almost 2 years now but have never tried any Japanese restaurants in the city. M and I checked out this Japanese restaurant with sushi train but that place looks kinda dodgy.

With M’s help this morning, I placed some orders for Fimo Soft on an online store. Can’t wait to get them *rubs hands* Most of the craft stores here closed at 6pm and they’re usually not open on the weekends. The only way to buy them is through the internet. Yes, sometimes, I’m so busy that I’ve no time to have my haircut for months! The usual office hours is from 9-18. Ugh, yeah.


~ by A on April 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Holiday!”

  1. Cute dresses and pony tail holders 🙂

  2. awwww..I love them!

  3. Wow, it’s all gorgeous!

  4. Thank you, girls! 🙂

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