I’ve Been Busy….

with my new toaster oven and Fimo Soft! I met a friend for a cuppa yesterday and she showed me an art supply store in the city. That place is dangerous for me!! I ended up spending around 30€ on Fimo alone. M thinks I’m a bit too obsessed with cupcakes. I love baking and decorate the real ones and now am making the miniatures! They’re addictive, Fimo, I mean!

These were the ones I was making + baking last night while watching the telly. They’re not perfect.

Made these ones in the morning and I’ll make them into pendant (for dolly’s necklace) and earrings.

The boys think I’m crazy – I like working with tiny things because I think they’re so cute! They’ll never understand that, anyway.

Off to clean the room. I need to study a bit today. Ugh.


~ by A on May 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “I’ve Been Busy….”

  1. Those look delicious. 😉

  2. ooh, those look so tasty!

  3. They look lovelly. They just do.


  4. yummy yummy!

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