Metallica In Prague

Metallica was great! I was very angry when we arrived there because the organiser has placed the spotlights at the side of the field (the concert was held at a brand new football stadium) which blocked my view. I paid for second class tickets (the first class and standing were all sold out!) and we were told we either moved to the seats at the back (which were really far from the field and all seats were taken!) or we could go and stand with the crowds. The more I thought about that – I’ve been ripped off after paying the amount of money for having this view:

Oh well, again, I’m kinda used to how things work here – being ripped off or getting bad customer services is nothing new to me. I’m not saying things suck here but it’s a bit different here in Czech Republic. You just have to deal with it. Most people are very nice here and they don’t complain much. Foreigners who complain so much like me is a pain for them! *lol*

My anger was gone the moment Metalica started to play. It’s the best concert I’ve ever been to. They’re awesome and kept everyone entertained for 2 hours. Yes, I was very disappointed with the seat but I really enjoyed myself and had fun seeing they live for the first time.

I’m off to Stockholm tomorrow afternoon. Will update when I’m back next week. Have a great weekend! 🙂


~ by A on June 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Metallica In Prague”

  1. glad you had a good time even if the seats weren’t that great!
    mary jane

  2. Just a follow-up comment to the comment you left on my blog: you’ve lived in Helsinki? I live in Finland, in Tampere. Where are you from originally?

  3. Another follow-up:
    You’re now officially my worldly inspiration! I’d love to go to live in different countries too, I’ll definitely go somewhere for a while after I graduate (which is two years). Maybe my goal could be three countries before I’m 30? That might be realistic.

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