Week 25

Flipping through my Filofax, I noticed it’s already week 25. Time really flies.  I’ve been really busy after returning back from my short vacation in Stockholm. I even forgot about Father’s Day.

My short vacation in Stockholm was great. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. It’s a beautiful city. People are really friendly there (I feel that way probably because I’ve been living in CZ for too long). Sushi places are everywhere! How I miss the fresh seafood! You bet my first meal after getting down from the airplane was sushi! I didn’t have a chance to try the Swedish meatballs this time, I definitely will next time. I still need to find the time to upload more pictures to my Flickr.

I spent most of my time walking around the city and shopping! One of my friends was so right, she told me Stockholm is a shopping paradise. I wished I could have more than enough time to do more shopping. I went a bit crazy at Gina Tricot, they’ve plenty of cute stuffs there. I picked up 3 cardigans for 49SEK (around 5euro) each and more clothes. Almost 80% of my closet is Zara (they’re everywhere you go in Prague) and the rest are Mango, H&M and Vero Moda. Even the Vero Moda and Only have better stuffs than those here! Sometimes I feel like the H&M here are rejected or old seasons from Sweden.

What made me really happy in Stockhom wasn’t the shopping but spending quality time with L. Gone were the wonderful days of two very bored girls – hanging out doing nothing in Helsinki. These are the days when we’re so far apart and live very different life. Now, you are living in your ‘mother-to-be’ life and I’ve turned into another corporate slave.

I got to see M for less than 10 hours when I was back from Stockholm last Monday. He just arrived from Chicago that morning, picked me up from the airport in the evening and flew to Malaysia the next morning. He just came back on Saturday and is flying to Dubai this coming Sunday. I’m currently searching for a travel mate for my next summer vacation. The man’s too busy with business trips and his heavy workloads.

He spoiled me till the max… This is one of the surprises he brought me…

to match the bracelet I have. He spent his last day in Chicago shopping for himself, for me and L’s Coach bag. And yeah, he never fails to surprise me (in good ways, of course).


~ by A on June 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Week 25”

  1. super cool and good pics. girl!
    love the trip!

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. Great to know that you enjoyed the trip in Stockholm. Come anytime again if you want, and I promise you that next time I will prepare lots of meatballs for you. Sorry that I did not even notice that your obsession of traditional Swedish food…><//

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