It’s Weekend Finally…

I’ve been busy at work, have been busy with the 3-day Prince2 Practitioner training, have been busy preparing for the Prince2 exam, and finally finished the exam today. It’s a 3hr open book exam and I managed to finish all the questions. I hope I would pass. I’m not sure anymore… Anyway, it’s over! I went back to my desk and continue working after the exam, got out of work at 6:10pm and realised I didn’t have my lunch! I had a cup of coffee and a soft boiled egg before I left home in the morning.

I wasn’t so hungry but dead tired. I went to shop for some grocery and ended up buying a pair of skinny jeans at Zara and a belt from Vera Moda. Hey, the summer sale is on!!!

This is one of the soft peas that are currently growing in my ‘little garden’. They’re growing pretty fast. I planted the seeds in late May and they sprouted within a few days.

M will be home tomorrow! I can’t wait. He’s enjoying his time in Dubai despite the fact that business trips are normally boring – my first one was great, after that I hope I don’t have to travel for business anymore! But If I were to be given a chance to go to Dubai for business, I’d go, I guess. I get to travel within Europe only. Oh well..

The bed’s calling. Have to wake up early tomorrow to get the housework done, go and get a micro filter for my camera and pick M up from the airport. Sounds like another long day… 


~ by A on June 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s Weekend Finally…”

  1. Wow!! They grow so nicely and gracefully! Wanna eat them right away…~~ Last time you told me about those soft beans, I could not image them. After seeing this pic,I bet you must be very proud of yourself and of your little green garden. Aren’t they lovely!!

  2. I’m sure you did well on your exam.

    You have a nice blog!

    Lovley peas. I love those. Yum.

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