The Camel Surprises…

M’s finally home! He’s a bit under the weather and is sleeping like a baby next to me. Before leaving to Dubai, he said he’d definitely bring me a PINK camel. And he did! He handed me ‘Camilla’ at the airport and I couldn’t help laughing…!

He gave me another surprise… a keyring… It really cracked me up! Look at the camel’s shoes… He knows little things like these could make my day. He also brought some sweets and coffee.

I didn’t get the macro filter for my camera today, instead I bought more clothes and craft supplies. Got myself a new pair of fabric shear scissors and some notions. I found this sewing supplies shop by ‘accident’ at Palladium today. Some of the stuffs are overpriced but I found most of the things I need there.

I’ve just pre-washed some of the fabrics I received in mail. Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive sewing day.


~ by A on June 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Camel Surprises…”

  1. I once got a camel almost like that from Tunisia. But it was just a boring brown colour. Pink’s so much cooler.

  2. Your pictures are amazing… sooooo clear! Nice blog 🙂

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