Oh Food….

I made sushi and vegetable tempura for dinner yesterday. It was quick since I only had to make tamagoyaki and deep fry the vegetables. I don’t really like the smoked salmon I bought this time (Since CZ is a landlocked country, I don’t know how fresh  is the fresh salmon here). They’re normally pricey compares to what I paid in Helsinki before. I do miss sashimi a lot but I haven’t found any good Japanese restaurants here.

M and I are both big fan of Japanese food. Coming from another landlocked country, he has never tasted anything raw – I mean, raw fish before dating me. When we were on holiday in Malaysia early this year, we had Japanese food almost everyday in Kuala Lumpur. Our hotel was just a few mins walk from Pavilion and we went to Ichiban Boshi many times. When we’re back to CZ, we’ve to tell everyone how cheap is it to have Japanese food in Malaysia. We paid less than 10euro for two persons.

My parents brought us to Kuching (the city where I was born in Malaysia but we moved when I was only 2). I had the chance to taste one of the best Laksa in Kuching. The cafe is within walking distance from our hotel. We waited for more than 30mins for the food. It was really good. M and my sister had Kolok Mee. You can read about these food here. M still prefers Kampua which we have for breakfast everyday for 3 weeks. Uhm yeah, I put on 3kg. My parents were feeding us good food, seafood, more food…

My Laksa

Christy’s Kolo Mee

A close friend brought us to Madam Kwan’s at KLCC. I ordered Nasi Lemak (coconut milk) with spicy chicken. I didn’t finish my food because it was too spicy for me. M finished my food, as usual! I can’t wait to go back there again next year.

Writing this post makes me really hungry. It’s lunch time. I guess I’ll have Indian food today.


~ by A on July 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Oh Food….”

  1. haha…My husband and I are both big fan of Japanese food too.
    he has never tasted raw fish before dating me too.
    After we got married we had Japanese food at least once a week.:-)

    hehe……too bad, I only know how to eat it though;-(…make it???..sigh..I wish I can make sushi like yours:-)
    heeeheee:-)… noodle, you should change your name to QQ=cute

  2. Haha… The sushi is so easy to make. I showed my friends some video from youtube – how to make sushi rolls. They’re really easy.

    Got the nick from my ex bf because I can’t dance (ballroom dance). He said my body’s like a noodle when he tried showing me how to dance!

  3. The nasi lemak look nice. Really hungry after saw all the foods.

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