Woke up late this morning because I was watching Lost 4 until 2am! M’s being really sweet and he cooked me breakfast again. We went for Thai massage in the afternoon and decided to check out the Chinese restaurant next door.

China Fusion is definitely the best Chinese restaurant I have been to in Prague so far. It’s not the average cheaper Chinese restaurant in the city but it’s worth every single cent you spend.  It looks really expensive outside but the price seems to be very reasonable for both of us. We had starters, main and desserts. The food was great and so was the service.

I’ll be going to Slovakia for a few days of trekking in the high Tatras. Just bought myself a new jacket. I really love sale at Columbia. I got a Titanium jacket for a little bit below 100€ after 30% discount. It’s wind and water proof and it’s light. I’ve bought most of my trekking/skiing clothings from there. The other 2 brands I absolutely love are Lafuma and Lowepro. M bought me this camera backpack last week. M’s so sweet like that. He may not shower me with chocolates and flowers but he buys things that are useful like the new socks he bought from Salomon today *lol* He knew I need those and I’ve a pair for skiing. And yes, my feet love the merino wool socks! They’re really comfy… and the colours go well with my trekking shoes.


~ by A on August 17, 2008.

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