From The Tatras

The trip was great. We left Prague on Tuesday afternoon after work and spent a day at M’s parents’ place – picking/plucking fruits in the garden and doing nothing. The drive to Western Tatra took amost 3 hours. The view in Tatra is really breathtaking, my photo doesn’t justify how beautiful it is there.

Tatra Mountains

According to Wikipedia, the Tatra mountain range covers 750 km² located at the borders of Slovakia and Poland. The highest mountain is at 2655m.

On Friday, we spent 8 hours trekking in Western Tatras. M and I stopped at 1600m because his left knee is still weak from the ski injury. We trekked and stopped every 15mins to pick berries.

Tatra Mountains

The bilberries and wild strawberries are rare in the woods near to my place because of the climate. I love the wild strawberries, they taste better than the usual strawberries. The first taste always reminds me of Hubba Bubba. I had a lot of bilberries and they turned my tongue and teeth blue. This photo was taken 1400m above sea level.


Everyone had sore legs the following day except for me probably because I’m used to walk uphill on the treadmill at the gym?! We drove an hour from the cottage to go to High Tatras on Saturday morning but we only trekked for an hour up to the mountain to see the waterfalls. I didn’t get to take a lot of photos because of the crowds.

Tatra Mountains

4 days were definitely too short for exploring more beautiful places in the Tatras. I was quite sad while packing my stuffs on Sunday morning preparing to come home.


~ by A on August 26, 2008.

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