Girls’ Talk

There’s a new M.A.C store open at the mall near here. As a M.A.C addict, am I excited? Not really, honestly. Everything’s so overpriced here! The brushes start at 25€, the primers around 20€… I went there when they’re newly open back in 2006. I was really excited thinking I didn’t have to ask someone who’s going to the US to bring back some M.A.C for me! After I found out their prices, I told myself – never!


I stock up my cosmetics and skin care products when I’m in Malaysia. The shopping paradise where everything’s so much cheaper, thanks to the currency exchange rates! I started using M.A.C during uni days, it all started with the ‘Eye Brow’ and blot powder which I carry with me everyday! It’s OK for me to go out without makeup but I must have my eye brows defined and mascara applied or else I feel naked. Strange, I know. I guess this is a habit.

M and I were shopping in the city a few months back when he spotted Bobbi Brown makeup counter in one beauty products store. We walked in to check out that store but they only have the basic products like concealers (Bobbi Brown has the best). The Bobbi Brown prices seem quite ok for me. I’m hoping there will be more brands like NARS, Benefit, shu uemura, etc available in CZ with reasonable prices. But, that’s like a dream that will never come true – I mean the prices part.

M’s a year older today but I haven’t gotten any pressies for him. I went to NeoLuxor thought I could get him some gift vouchers but the lady told me you can only use the vouchers in the store where you purchase them from. I was like – Huh? What the heck?? Ahh… it works so differently here in CZ, what’s new? Went another store where he usually buy his casual wear from – waited at the counter, nobody bothered to come and serve us. We saw a few SAs were busy chatting among themselves. It’s so typical =_= What’s customer service you ask me? It almost doesn’t exist in most of the stores here and I’m used to that.

So, I came back to work after lunch with a birthday card, still thinking what I should get for him. I’ll try my luck in the city before I meet him up for dinner tonight. Am I a bad girlfriend? Ah, no, cuz I already made him a birthday cake last night.


~ by A on September 2, 2008.

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  1. […] I was saying I wouldn’t buy MAC in this country. It was true but I desperately needed some new stuffs. Besides, I shouldn’t compare the prices in the US because we’re paying high taxes here. More than 32% of my salary is taxed every month.   I went to MAC last week and brought home 4 eye shadows, Fluidliner Blacktrack, #210 brush and Prep+Prime For Eyes. I’ve never used gel/liquid eyeliner before and I really love Fluidliner! I’ve eyeliners from NARS and Dior, the Dior one sucks the most. It smudges so badly after a few hours and the colour never lasts. I love NARS but they’re not available here. […]

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