I bought M a Hugo Boss perfume (uhh.. yeah, again! This is the 4th perfume I’ve gotten him in a year but he loves perfume!) and gift vouchers from his favourite bookstore. We had dinner at China Fusion with his brother and Bob. We reached home around 9ish. I made him a cheesecake a day before and was really disappointed with the result this time but it’s still tasty. 🙂


I went to get some curry paste for tonight’s dinner. I never understand why they always stick the Czech description on the top of the English one. I’m quite surprised that the other two languages are Swedish and Finnish instead of the normal German, French and Polish! Since I understand Finnish, so I shouldn’t be complaning hey?

Red Curry

Bob walked in to my room and asked, ‘F***! How many Milka do you’ve in the fridge???’ Milka chocolates are on sale today! They’re 0,50€ each, more than 50% discount! I grabbed 7 of them! They’re cheap!! I love it when the hypermarket near to my place is having sale on my favourite stuffs like Milka chocolates and Douwe Egberts are on sale. Now I sound like a nana 🙂

Milka Madness

I used to whine how difficult and impossible it is to get some international food in Prague. I’ve seen the supermarkets started carrying more international food. Tesco is my favourite. I found Ribena *accidentally* at the international food section last week. I was really thrilled! M was telling me they make good blackcurrant drinks here too but they don’t taste natural at all after trying them. I brought 1liter from home early this year and before finishing it, my colleague from the UK brought me another one! One of the many things that’s still missing is Bovril! I only saw Marmite in Tesco before. Mom tried to replace Bovril with Marmite when we’re small but it didn’t help. Bovril is still the best.

Tesco started carrying Kraft’s Philadelphia cream cheese this year. I was really surprised that they’re not sold here when I first arrived to CZ. You can find St. Dalfour ‘Rhapsodie de Fruits’ in almost all hyper/supermarkets here but you don’t see the strawberry jam. Why? I wonder too. The available ones are mixed fruits like figs with orange, etc. I only found the strawberry one at a bio food store a couple of weeks ago. That’s the only jam my mom bought when we’re small… speaking of brand royalty. Don’t get me started on Nutella and Milo…


~ by A on September 3, 2008.

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