Killing Time

Ever since we finished the UAT for the last project. I’ve been sitting here at my desk without any assignments. It really bores the hell out of me and my boss is still in Germany this week, so… I’ve to wait till he’s back to discuss about _________ *I’m keeping my fingers crossed so it will come true*.

Sis has already shipped my new Coach bag from NY two days ago via EMS. I hope it will arrive tomorrow or on Monday! It has been sitting there forever! I’ve been browsing M.A.C website and want to place some orders and have them shipped to her. I hope she’s not going to kill me. Oh well, M.A.C doesn’t accept international credit cards. Bah. I checked out the one in the mall today and I’ll probably go and pamper myself there tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking of going for Czech lessons again. Since the company no longer provides Czech language classes (those suck anyway), I’ll have to pay the fees out of my own pockets. The course starts in 2 weeks until end of Jan next year. The school also provides Chinese language class. I’d never expect it’s a MUST for me to learn Czech when I first came here because I work for an international company, 65% of 1000++ people working in this building are expats. English is the main language used in the company besides German.

I thought I don’t mind paying private tutor but after listening to a friend, he thinks classes will be a better option because I’ll make more friends. That’s true. I had lots of fun in my Finnish lessons before and that’s how I got to know her and became close friends. 🙂 Those days were the one of the sweetest memories I’ve in Helsinki.


~ by A on September 4, 2008.

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