Oh Crap!

The tote has arrived to CZ safely but it’s at the customs. Oh no……… I’m worried I’ll be charged for taxes. That will suck a big time. I hope it gets released soon. The customs are evils. =_= They normally do random checking on parcels coming outside EU. I was charged for 25EUR taxes two years ago for a Blythe doll valued at $120.


Now I’m going to refresh that page every few mins to see if it’s been released! I was tracking the parcel this morning and the info wasn’t updated. Keeping my fingers crossed… wish me luck!


~ by A on September 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Oh Crap!”

  1. Urgh. Customs can be a pain in the behind. In Belgium they are rather strict as well. If you are able, contact the seller that they have to tag it as a gift. Somehow items that are tagged as a gift get through more easily.

  2. Yeah, most of the time I’ll ask if the sellers will be able to mark the parcels as gifts but most of the sellers don’t do that if they’re registered businesses.

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