We went to have a walk in the reserved next to my place. Natasha came along. It was an adventure because we saw a baby snake. Ewwwwww…. It was Natasha who saw it first, she screamed and I saw that yucky creature, I screamed even louder and ran back to where we came from. There were other people who probably thought, ‘What’s with that stupid foreigner?!’ It was gross. I had goose bumps and felt sick. Snakes and earthworms are my biggest fear. They’re really disgusting creatures. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!

So…. my new bag has arrived safely and without custom fees! Sis kindly threw in some Hershey’s because she knows I can’t get them here. I really like this one. It’s my No.x bag for this year. It’s been sitting there with her in NY for a long time.

M said he wanted to bring me to a horse race. Bob was saying it will be fun. I asked if it’s like Melbourne Cup where I get to wear a hat and dressed up. He looked at me, speechless.

M always came up with some unexpected topics… that usually make me go LOL.  ‘So, if Christy introduced you a guy who looks like ‘Straight Tree’ – 直树 (郑元畅’s character in They Kissed Again), will you leave me????’ Straight Tree?!!?!? I don’t remember when I told him about what my sister and I call 郑元畅. Christy = my little sister sent me a text message a few days ago saying she saw a copy of 郑元畅 on the street and telling me there are getting more and more cute, good-looking Taiwanese in Melbourne. =__= My sister has no other topcis to talk about besides boys boys boys, designer handbags, clubbing… I guess that’s what girls talk about at that age… talking about generation gap – she’s 6 years younger.

Am off to the mini Asian grocery store. Chinatown doesn’t exist in this country. Sometimes I do feel an urge to move back to Australia.


~ by A on September 7, 2008.

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