Dad: You seem to be really free today!
Me: Yes, I’m… I’m worried….

I called him 3x today! I always call him when he’s either driving or is in the operating theater or he’s with a patient. I do drive my parents crazy with my paranoia sometimes.

Went to the doc today, she told me exactly what dad told me about my condition. She asked if I’m stressed at work and she did some checkup on me, heartbeats, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. I’ve to take 12 tablets a day for this stupid stomach infection. If I listened to dad before, be his good girl and took the medicine he told me to, I’d feel better by now. M’s in fact quite surprised, ‘What’s with the doctor family? You actually DIDN’T take the pills he told you to?’

Mom’s not on MSN today, she said her internet is down #%&@! I really want to share the story of my visit to the doctor today. Both my parents are in medical field but none of my siblings is interested becoming a doctor (maybe I was but dad thinks I’m not the doctor material because I like to have fun and party!). I’ve a BSc, sister has a BA and little sister’s graduating from BBS next year. As for our youngest brother, his dream is probably to be able to play his Playstation without anyone nagging on him 24/7.

I’m really homesick. It’s just another 4 months to go to see my family again.


~ by A on September 11, 2008.

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