The weekend’s finally here. We don’t have any special plans this week except for the birthday party at a friend’s tomorrow. We’re going to watch Wall-E this evening. I only know one cinema in the city shows the movie in subtitles. The one near to my place only shows it in the Czech dubbed version.

It turns out that the language school my friend and I planned to study Czech lessons in doesn’t have enough students to open their morning classes. I told M that I’m happy cuz I get to save 350EUR this month. He asked me, ‘You silly thing! Are you gonna spend on shopping again?’ Am gonna save more money for my trip to Malaysia next year. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, skin care, craft books…

I was saying I wouldn’t buy MAC in this country. It was true but I desperately needed some new stuffs. Besides, I shouldn’t compare the prices in the US because we’re paying high taxes here. More than 32% of my salary is taxed every month.   I went to MAC last week and brought home 4 eye shadows, Fluidliner Blacktrack, #210 brush and Prep+Prime For Eyes. I’ve never used gel/liquid eyeliner before and I really love Fluidliner! I’ve eyeliners from NARS and Dior, the Dior one sucks the most. It smudges so badly after a few hours and the colour never lasts. I love NARS but they’re not available here.

I went to 2 different MAC stores here and only met a makeup artist who speaks perfect English. It’s hard to ask for any recommendations. I’m going to the one in the city today to pick up more stuffs. I hope I’ll be lucky to get someone who speaks good English. Maybe I’m speaking too fast? *shrugs*


~ by A on September 19, 2008.

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