Rant & Rave

We went to see Wall-E last night. I booked the tickets online and we arrived at the cinema 15mins after the movie started. Well, we didn’t miss anything because just the commercial alone takes 20mins! Our seats were taken by 2 chicks. When I told one of them politely that those were our seats, she looked at me and said the other 2 persons have taken their seats, so they’re sitting on ours then she continued watching the movie. I was like… WTF? Can’t you ask them to move?! Speaking of courtesy hey? I sat quietly and tried not to make a big fuss out of it. M and I were squeezed in between 4 bloody weirdos! The couple next to us (who have taken the girls’ seats are so STRANGE). What’s wrong with these people? When you tell people politely that they’ve taken YOUR SEATS, normal human beings will stand up and apologise.

I’ve no special plan for today and thought I’ll have a quiet lazy Saturday. My neighbour is renovating his apartment. He started drilling from 9 this morning and finally stopped 30mins ago (it’s already 13:50). The family who lives on the 2nd floor was fighting again. The walls here are paper thin. The only quiet weekends I could have are when we’re at M’s parents’.

I stopped by the MAC store to pick up a shadow paint, that’s my original plan! But I walked out of the store with a shadow paint and a 15 colour palette! I need to depot my eye shadows because I hate carrying many of them in my cosmetic pouch when I’m travelling. I also found out they’ve B2M policy here yesterday. I’ve quite a number of empty containers sitting in my drawer. I’ll probably bring them to the store on Monday to get a free lipstick! Heh. 


While waiting for M to meet me at Palladium for dinner before the movie, I walked around Sephora. I saw they’ve Smashbox too. The price was shocking.  I wanted to try the Photo Finish primer, it’s 61€ – US$88! I guess I’ll just stick to my MAC Prep + Prime SPF50 for now, it only cost me 20€. MAC is already double priced here in Europe compares to the prices in the US.

Mid-autumn festival was a week ago and I’m still eating my mooncakes now. I was so excited when I found them at the Vietnamese Town – no, China Town doesn’t exist here! They were 3€/piece, not so pricey, not as good as those ones I had back home but it doesn’t matter… because the last time I had mooncakes was back in 2000.

I miss my mom so much. I chat with her on MSN almost everyday. Sending nudges is something she does if I don’t reply within 5 mins.

I Miss You


~ by A on September 20, 2008.

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