I’ve been really bored at work today. Can’t believe I’ve just said that… I found my old blog on Internet Archive and I was wondering who the heck has written this on my blog:

‘Hola! Yo me llamo Amanda. Yo soy una muchacha. Soy estudiante en la universidad’ on one of my many entries back in 2003. I used to learn Spanish but I certainly didn’t remember I typed that on my blog *lol*

I’ve a wholesale order for Blythe dresses. I’m going to be very busy with the orders. I’m really thrilled! This is the best seller, I’ve sold 5 of them and I wish I’ve more of this fabric but they’re hard to find and no longer available.

We went to IKEA to get a new chair for my room. I actually bought a dining chair in brown-black and a faux suede cover! I really like it and didn’t think twice about the price. I’ve this in pink but it’s a piece of cr*p. It’s killing my back when I’m using my laptop and sewing. The next thing I’m going to invest is a good desk for crafting.

I’m pretty sure when M and I are moving in together, we’ll have really serious problems when it comes to choosing the furniture, interior designs, etc. I LOVE Nordic/Finnish designs but M thinks they’re boring. We walked in one of the showrooms, I told him I’d love to have a room like that. He replied, ‘I know. It’s so Finnish.’ I’d love to have my house decorated with some fine pieces from Iitala and funky modern interior designs from Marimekko – that’s exactly what M hates the most. He does support my love for Marimekko but he certainly doesn’t want to see Unikko printed curtains in his house. I’d like to drink my morning coffee from a Arabia cup but M thinks they’re ugly. He’s more a Villeroy & Boch type of person but I’m not. It’s too classy for me.


~ by A on October 8, 2008.

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