I stopped by Sephora on Saturday to pick up some OPI nail polish. What caught my eyes was the Too Faced counter. I usually go to the Sephora near to my place but they only carry the usual brands like Lancome, Dior, Clinique, etc. I believe they’re going to discontinue Too Faced here (I hope not! because there were no testers left for most of the products. Unlike MAC, they’re at very reasonable price, just a few dollars more expensive than in the US. I’ve read a lot of raves about the Shadow Insurance so I decided to give it a try.

I tried it today and I’m loving this primer!  It makes my lids so smooth and it’s so easy to apply the eye shadows. Tilt from MAC never really showed on me until today. I’m really pleased with the product. It’s definitely worth the money.

I wanted to get more stuffs since Sephora was offering 20% off for the Club members but I didn’t walk out of the store with a full bags of goodies! I’ve spent a lot this month. I need to save for my air tickets to Asia next year. I’m gonna shop till I drop there!

I went for a quick lunch with a friend today. We went for our usual ‘soup only’ lunch at Sony Cafe. Since I was pretty hungry today, I bought a chicken with lettuce and tomatoes sandwich. I had a small bite and noticed there was a DEAD insect on the lettuce. I was so disgusted. I looked carefully, there were more of them crawling on the lettuce! I almost fainted. I went to speak to the girl at the counter! I told her, ‘There are bugs on my sandwich.’ She was clueless because she doesn’t understand the word bugs. I showed her the crawling bugs and she was shocked. She apologised and returned me the money. I felt really sick afterwards wondering if I’ve accidentally swallowed one of them even though it was just one small bite 😦 Yeah, the lettuce was definitely so fresh that whoever prepared the food didn’t even bother to wash it.


~ by A on October 14, 2008.

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