Who Doesn’t Love To Shop?

It’s already November. Soon I’ll be celebrating my 4th anniversary with Europe. Time flies.

I was never really a big fan of MAC limited edition collections. I found nothing fancy in the previous collections released this year. The holiday collections have just released today. I went to check out at the colours after work today and I’ve to say… I’m so in love with Adoring Carmine Red & Neutral Lips. Since the only MAC brushes I own are eye brushes, I decided to go for the face brush set. 

I also like the ‘Red’ She Said colletion. I’m either getting Crazeee or ‘Red’ She Said lippie with the B2M program. The blushers look pretty too. Since I’m not a fan of mineralized cosmetics, I’ll skip the eye shadows. The only mineralized blush I own is Nuance from the Sonic Chic collection.

It’s just the beginning of November and I’ve spent quite a lot of money! Bought a pair of new boots from Vagabond last Friday and boy… I saw another pairs today, around 100€ and they’re to die for! I’ve to go to see the ophthalmologist tomorrow so I can forget about getting another pair of boots because it will cost me an arm since my membership doesn’t cover any visits to the ophthalmology.

My coffee maker died two weekends ago after serving me a good 2 1/2-year. I’ve to start my day with my morning coffee and instant coffee is more like ‘coffee flavoured water’ for me. I wanted a cheaper coffee maker but M insisted buying Krups. We brought home a Krups XP2010 and spent more than an hour figuring out how to use it. So far I’m very happy with it. I can now make my own cappuccino at home! I hope M’s not gonna tell me that’s his Xmas present for me! I’d be really upset cuz I’ve a long wishlist for this Xmas… 😀


~ by A on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “Who Doesn’t Love To Shop?”

  1. Hey, i love shopping. Every weekend i will go for shopping, especially i will shop all the beauty products and also i love all the brands. MAC is one of my favorite brands; i have so many MAC collections. Thank you

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