Little Haul

I had a quick lunch with Bob today and spent the rest of my lunch break at MAC and Sephora. I received the text message from MAC today (in Czech, of course. But I was able to guess what it meant. Hah.) that Metal Urge and Little Darlings are now available! My favourite MA is at work today. She told me she was about to call letting me know the new collections are here. When I arrived, they were busy displaying them and still didn’t have the price for the lipglass sets on their systems! I was thinking of getting the Coral Lipglass and Lustreglass set but I only like the pink/red ones. I think Little Darlings sets are great but I didn’t get anything. The Softsparkle Eye Pencils set is lovely but they’re with glitters. So, I ended up not getting nothing from the collection.

I walked out of the store with a brush cleaner (they finally have them back in stock), a Studio Finish SPF35 concealer (I only have one from Bobbi Brown. It’s too creamy to conceal my lips) and Verdigris eye shadow from the Metal Urge collection.  Usually she will try the eye shadows on me but I was in a hurry today. I finally got her name after visiting the store numerous time. She has the same name like my manicurist. Heh.

I stopped by Sephora to pick up a brush and noticed they’ve replaced the Bliss shelf with Too Faced with a few special price for the lipgloss and bronzer! No more travelling to the city center for Too Faced! What caught my eyes were the Urban Decay’s Urban Essential sets (they’re on discount too)! Does that mean they’ll start carrying Urban Decay too? Too Faced products are reasonably priced here. The Urban Decay sets are $39 after currency conversion. I hope they will slowly bring in Nars and MUFE too. I’m going to check out the ones at Andělé and Palladium this weekend because they usually carry more brands than this one here.


~ by A on December 3, 2008.

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