What To Get 4 You?

It’s another sunny winter day! It was snowing two weeks ago for a couple of days. I don’t miss the snow so much. I guess I’ve had enough of them during my stay in Finland. The days are getting shorter and colder, I find it really hard to get out of the bed every morning.

M is on business trip again. He’s been asking me what should he buy for me, I absolutely have no idea. I told him to get me a bottle of Bordeaux red when he’s at Paris CDG. He could shop at Coach, Tiffany & Co, Bebe, etc but there are places he’ll be totally lost, for example, Sephora or any other cosmetic stores. I want to get some Aqua Eyes from Make Up For Ever but I guess I should just wait till Dan goes back to Paris and gets them for me.

I’m counting down my upcoming vacations.  I’ll be spending 2 weeks in Slovakia with M’s family in December. Coming back to work on 2 Jan, work for another 2 1/2 weeks, I’m off to Malaysia for a month. I’ve written down my shopping list this time.

M isn’t coming with me this time and he wants me to bring heaps of food back here. I promise to take 3 pictures for him everyday, showing what I’ve for my breakfast, lunch and dinner! 😀 He’s been to Malaysia twice this year, the first time was with me in Feb and business trip in June. And he really loves it there.


~ by A on December 3, 2008.

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