Verdigris & 24/7

I’m really in love with Verdigris from MAC Metal Urge collection. It’s described as ‘Dirty deep green with silver pearl’ on MAC website. This one isn’t as creamy as most cream-based eye shadows which I’m no big fan of.


Verdigris did crease the first time I tried it even with my favourite Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath it. I decided to try use Bare Canvas as my base, painted Verdigris over my eyelids, I then set Humid thinly on the top of it and it didn’t crease for the whole day! Here’s a snapshot of the looks. Other colours used besides Verdigris – Humid, Shroom, Carbon. This one took me 10mins to get it done.


I’ve to share how much I love Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencisl. They’re so creamy, soft and so easy to blend. I wore Stash to work yesterday and it lasted the whole day. They’re waterproof and very long lasting. I’m definitely getting VIP.

27/7 Swatch

I hope I can find them at Sephora so that I don’t have to get them online. I got them from HQhair. I placed the order on Monday and they arrived on Thursday afternoon. It’s my first order and definitely not the last one!


~ by A on December 6, 2008.

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