My orders from Cherry Culture have arrived! It took a little bit longer than the usual shipments I normally receive  from the states which arrive within a week. I was worried they’d be lost and I didn’t pay extra postage for tracking and insurance. My orders only worth $19.48 (after 25% discount!) and the insured/trackable postage is $29.95!

99% of my eye shadows are from MAC. If you like pigmented eyeshadows and don’t really want to spend too much on them, NYX ones are really good for a drugstore brand. They’re not as pigmented as the ones from MAC but they’re worth the money! I got myself Seaform Green, Beauty Queen, Opal and Champagne. I’m pretty happy with the eye shadows except for Seaform Green and Beauty Queen – the glitters fell all over my under eyes and cheeks when I applied them on my lids! Seaform Green doesn’t really show up on me. Beauty Queen is glittery but I really like the colour. Opal is beautiful but I love Champagne the most.

The Round Lipsticks have pretty colours but they smell a bit funny. I haven’t tried them. I have similar colours like Mars and Spell bound. Tea Rose is definitely my favourite among these three.

I also ordered some Glitter Liner – Pink, Purple and Crystal. I’m not a glitters fan (I loved them when I was younger). They’re for my sister who loves everything glittery.


~ by A on December 13, 2008.

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