Do I Need Czech Lessons?

It did not take me too long to get the list of the ingredients I need to bake the rich fruit cake. I thought I’d just go to Marks & Spencer to get the spices but they don’t have any grounded nutmeg, allspice, etc. The 2 new words I’ve learnt today include:

1. Nové koření – Allspice or Newspice
2. Muškátový oříšek – Nutmeg

When I first started working in the company, my then boss (he’s a British) suggested I should take the Czech lessons. The lessons were paid by the company and we had teacher from the language school to teach us after the office hour. I managed to go for a few lessons and stopped going because I didn’t like the teaching style. I have spent 18 months stay in Finland and my Finnish is still better than my Czech after living here for 2 1/2 years now.

I found Finnish easier than Czech, especially the pronounciation. I remember I couldn’t even say hyvää yötä (good night in Finnish) without V laughing at me in the beginning. Zmrzlina (ice-cream) was just one of the ‘crazy’ words I found in my Czech language text book… and ř. If you can roll the ‘r’, it’s pretty easy to pronounce ‘ř’, just have to practise a bit with the tongue. I was really excited when I could finally pronounced it right. In Finnish, it’s easier, jäätelö.

I’ve been using a lot of Czech/Slovak words in my sentences ever since I started dating M. When I’m in the restaurants, I don’t even know if I’m ordering in Czech or Slovak. Anyway, the Czechs and Slovaks understand each other. Sometimes I still couldn’t tell if someoe is speaking Czech or Slovak, unless they’re saying numbers, or nie (in Slovak), ne (in Czech). However, I’m pretty good in saying all the rude words and I was told my pronounciation is perfect which I’m not really proud of.

M’s parents don’t really speak English. The only two foreign languages his mother can speak are Russian and German. She always likes talking to me, throwing in some English, German and Slovak into the sentences.  I can slowly understand what people are talking about but I can’t join the conversation because I can’t speak either Czech or Slovak. A nana was asking for the direction to the hospital the other day and she asked if she should go straight. I understood her but all I could say was jo (yes). When she said děkuju (thank you), I didn’t even know how to reply ‘you’re welcome’ in Czech. *sighs*


~ by A on December 15, 2008.

One Response to “Do I Need Czech Lessons?”

  1. I just found out some infomation about Malaysia:-)




    五大入選「行家美食」包含將咖哩和著椰漿,混雜各種辣度的辣椒,再加糖拌炒椰絲,把濃稠的乾咖哩溶入牛肉中提味的「巴登牛肉乾咖哩」;其次是「馬來家鄉乾炒麵」(MAMAK MI GORENG),其中MAMAK是當地口語,為馬來西亞境內印度回教社會的意思,這道菜以中式乾炒麵概念加上辣味提味,是一道非常受歡迎的菜色;第三道是「炸香蕉」,將香蕉去皮後裹上芝麻,浸泡玉米粉糊、鹽與水,炸至金黃色,瀝油後淋上糖霜或椰子醬即可,口感濃郁滑膩,是台灣少見的馬來西亞甜品。


    馬來西亞觀光局表示,這些美食都可在首都吉隆坡品嚐得到,吉隆坡市區被譽為馬來西亞最具代表性的美食聖地,包含Mid Valley Megamall的Little Penang Cafe、Annalakshmi、Suria KLCC的Madam Kwan’s,以及Senja餐廳、Starhill Gallery購物商場ENAK餐廳等等均可以找到好吃的馬來、印度、娘惹菜,甚至也有道地的阿拉伯菜,吉隆坡華人街則有出名的中華傳統菜色與客家菜色。

    haha….I like to Being A Girl , we alway can play all the color around on our face, that is guy can’t do it.
    see how cute and how pretty all the colors!

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