Christmas 08

It’s the second time I spent my Christmas with M’s family. It’s a great one, good food and fine wine. However, there’s no white Christmas for us this year.

Xmas 08

I’ve received plenty of great presents – scarves, handmade soaps, chocolates, a microbeads cushion, jewellery, porcelain vase, perfume, Christmas money… M gave me a big surprise this year. He gave me my dream food processor! I saw a big box under the tree  and thought someone has bought his mom a huge present this year! When the box was handed to me, I was speechless. I had no idea what it could be! I was overjoyed to see it’s the food processor I’ve wanted for a long time but didn’t have the heart to spend that much of money on it. It comes with a blender, food processor and juicer! It’s a perfect gift. 🙂 He also surprised me with a small and cute pink Sigg thermos vacuum flask because I always told him I’d like to bring my own cappuccino to work if I’ve no time to have my breakfast at home. I also received a new pair of ski gloves from him.

Since we were drinking wine on Christmas eve, none of us could drive to attend the evening mass. We went to the Christmas mass in the morning. I usually go with his mom but this time M came along.

On Boxing Day, Christy woke me up at 7am, telling me she’s shopping at Nine West asking if I needed anything! It’s around 4pm in Melbourne and my silly lil sister was too excited with her Boxing Day shopping! There was a family gathering at M’s cousin’s restaurant that evening. There was so much food and wine.

There’s still no sign of snow and the temperature is pretty warm these days. We’re going to ski in Austrian alps before the new year. It’s about 2 1/2 hours drive from here and we still aren’t sure if we’ll stay overnight. I’m really excited and could hardly wait.


~ by A on December 27, 2008.

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