Hochkar, Austria

How time flies. A year ago today, I was in the ski resort, counting down 2008. A year later today, I’m sitting here counting down 2009, it’s exactly 3 hours to go until the new year.

We went to ski in the Austrian alps. I really had a great time. I had a 2 hours private lesson with an instructor who taught me some carving. He’s a ski racer instructor and he was good. My legs were sore in the evening but it was worth it.


We wanted to go to another place but it’s always so crowded and people have to wait for more than 1 1/2 hr just to get on the lift, so we decided to go to Hochkar instead. When we arrived, there was a big queue of cars. People were waiting to pay to get in. The ride t the mountain was madness as there were so many cars! We managed to find a place at the car park so we didn’t have to walk up hill for 20mins to get to the lift.

I wish we could stay there longer. I really like skiing and I never thought I’d say that when I started to ski. The ski gloves I got from M on Christmas were the best I’ve had. They really keep me so warm unlike my old ones. We’re planning to go to ski more often when we’re back in CZ but with the current weather conditions, I’m afraid there’s only articifial snow in the ski resorts.


~ by A on December 31, 2008.

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