Hello 2009!

Happy 2009!!

2008 was a great year. I hope 2009 will be a better one!

There are many things to blog about but silly me just cut myself while cleaning the blades for my new food processor. It’s quite a deep cut, first thing that came to my mind was ‘Do I need stitches??’ It’s stopped bleeding and it still hurts a bit. I’ve been eating Slovak food for 2 weeks and finally cooked some Chinese food for dinner. It’s a simple fried rice with the leftover roast turkey we had for dinner yesterday.

Back to work tomorrow. I’m still not ready to read the 300++ emails in my inbox after 2 weeks vacation. May need to fly to Brussels on Thursday morning and back in the evening. Ugh. I’m counting down the day till my coming 1 month vacation in Malaysia!


M & I at Hochkar. I do look ‘small’ sometimes standing next to a 182cm even though I’m just 12cm shorter! I need a new beanie!! I bought this one many years ago from MNG in Helsinki. My sister knitted the scarf for me before I left home for Finland in 2004. It’ always keeps me so warm but I only wear it when I go to ski. We plan to go skiing in Austria again this coming weekend. The snow conditions is pretty bad in Czech Republic. Speaking of snow… it’s snowing here in Prague. The weather forecast shows -16°C tomorrow. Oh no!! 😦


~ by A on January 4, 2009.

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