Under The Weather

When I first stepped out of the house today, I told M it has to be under -10°C. He said, ‘No. It can’t be!’ A few mins later, he told me, ‘This is definitely below -10°C!!!!’ ‘I told you. How much I miss this… This is how Helsinki feels like in a cold winter morning!’

I’ve caught a cold. I went to bed right after my evening shower because the migraine came and hit me right after dinner. I had aura again which I usually describe it as ‘seeing stars’. Damn. My nose is running and the throat is sore. When I was home early last year, mom insisted buying me packs of Lohan Fruit Powdered Extract because it’s good for sorethroat. I hate the taste, it’s pretty gross for me. It tastes like very old tea. Now I’m drinking a big cup here at work, hoping it will really help to soothe my throat. I’m popping Vitamin C and drinking fresh orange juice, I hope this will help too. I can’t be sick! I’ve to go on a biz trip on Thursday.

D’s back from Paris and he brought me the stuffs I wanted  from MAC PRO. Boys will be boys, he handed me the receipt and said, ‘Oh my god. They’re expensive!’ But for me, they’re worth the money because they’re still cheaper than what I’m paying here in Prague.

I’ve to finish another 8 dresses for Gina’s order tonight and have them shipped on Friday. There’s been a delay because I couldn’t find Fraycheck in Tesco anymore and I had to order them online.


~ by A on January 6, 2009.

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