‘Hi mommy’ *very weak voice*
‘How are you?’
‘I’m sick.’
‘Are you at home?’
‘No. I’m at work. Flying to Brussels tomorrow.’
‘You have to rest and get well soon.’
‘I know, that’s why I’m calling you to make myself feel better…’

I’m such a baby. My nose is running and stuffy, my head feels 10kg heavy. I’ve taken some paracetamol this morning and feel a bit better. My feet are cold, and I still feel cold with my scarf around me. What’s with the heating in this office? Sometimes it’s so damn warm, sometimes we’re freezing.

I think I’m going home after the conference call. I don’t think I want to stay here any longer. I’m taking the usual early flight to Brussels tomorrow, meaning I’ve to get up at 4am, leave home around 5:15am. I’m glad it’s just a day trip. I guess we aren’t going to ski this weekened. Bah.

I was at the mall to get some presents for my sisters. It’s pretty empty even though the sale is on. I ended up buying nothing for them but 2 tops for myself from Zara. M found a cute blazer while I was in the fitting room. It fits me perfectly and he really likes it. So, I got a another present for no reason again. Heh.


~ by A on January 7, 2009.

One Response to “Ugh”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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