Took this before going to work yesterday. It’s freezing cold outside! These are my dead pansies. They didn’t make it to autumn this year.


 The tiny snowflakes falling down from the sky can be really cute sometimes – only when I look out of my office window. I don’t like walking under the snow!

My flights to/from Brussels were more than an hour delayed yesterday. The weather’s always bad when I’m there. Got up at 4am in the morning and the taxi picked me up at 5:15am. I only had a few hours of sleep because of my stuffy nose. I’m pleased with the private taxi company we’re using now. They’re professional and speak English! When we walked out of the arrival hall, there were 3 of them holding the company logo sign waiting for us. No more calling to book the cab.

Got a surprise txt msg from X last night telling me he saw a copy of me in a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam… =_= That boy is always MIA and is not very good in keeping in touch. I do get txt/msn msg from him once in a while. Sometimes I think we make better friends than lovers. Funny thing is that he remembers most of the old days and I don’t. For me, it’s more like someone has erased part of the old memories in my brain, I wouldn’t remember if he doesn’t mention it.


~ by A on January 11, 2009.

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  1. I really like your photo, very nice!

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