I Hate Mondays

看了Mifi的三杯鸡食谱,我也想试一试。我从来没吃过三杯鸡,所以它的味道是怎样我也不晓得。家里没有米酒,我就用那以经开了几天的Bordeaux红酒来代替。M不太喜欢姜味,但他说不错吃。当他问我这道菜叫什么名,我就说,“三杯鸡”。他说:“三is three,what’s杯?鸡is chicken”我就乱乱翻译说是’three cup chicken’。哈哈!

Ok, back to English. It will take me ages to finish typing a long entry in Chinese.

I went out shopping alone on Saturday, came home with a few shopping bags and most of the stuffs are for myself. I still need to pick up a few things for my brother. It’s so hard to get presents for  a 18 yr old. He wants a pair of Nike but the ones I wanted to get for him were sold out! He wears EU42 (my god, he has big feet!). He’s almost 180cm tall, I think. I need to go shoe hunting for him again this weekend.

Poor Christy was stuck at Melbourne airport for hours the other day because her flight was delayed. My parents haven’t seen her for 6 months and dad said she looks like a cartoon character. Eh? Barbie is still unemployed and is sitting her butt at home doing nothing. I can’t wait to see them next Friday. Another 11 days to go till I see everyone again! How exciting! I’ll be out of the office for 4 weeks, how cool is that?! 😀


~ by A on January 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “I Hate Mondays”

  1. 哈哈! 感覺妳是被逼急了才會這麼說. 其實我從來也不知道什麼是三杯,應該是酒,醬油,和某某東西….吧?

  2. 他每次都是这样,爱问我很难的问题。不过他不像有些人这么吵。你有时间一定要来看我们哦!不然我们去瑞典找王小芬。

  3. 其實我很不好意思一直沒聯絡她,因為上學期很忙亂,結果到了寒假呢,居然手機弄丟! 然後在等朋友從台灣回芬蘭給我帶一隻…..結果她就跑去瑞典了…… 當然要聯絡她一直有辦法的啦, 只不過我很宅又一直拖拖拖…. >_< 等到四月以後我都忙完,再看看要怎樣安排行程,說不定瑞典和捷克都去一下

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