It was warm and sunny yesterday. I dragged M out of the bed and told him we’re going shopping! The original plan was to get something for my brother and parents. The first thing I bought was a pair of sneakers from Diesel, for myself!  I found a pair of Nike for my brother, funny thing was, I told M I’ve found something for Dave, he said he saw something that he may like too… and it’s the same model!

I then went to Mango to pick up some tops.  M said he needs a pair of new jeans so we checked Levi’s out. I bought another pair of new jeans (second pair this week!)  I don’t remember when was the last time I bought a Levi’s, probably when I was 19. Well, I’m happy because it doesn’t make my butt looks strange. I wear XS for tops (no boobs, buuhuu) and for the bottoms, I usually go for EU36. I do fit in EU34 but I’ve a big ass. 😦

The shopping spree continued when we walked into Gant, Mexx and Pietro Filipi. Pietro Filipi is a local designer but I don’t get the price tags. I don’t find the designs any special but an ugly jacket costs 250eur, like what?! M found some jeans he likes. We went to a few stores but I told myself that’s enough new stuffs for myself until I saw two Lacoste bags. They’re both on discount and I couldn’t decide which one to get. In the end, I bought the medium bowling bag which fits my Nikon and other useless stuffs I carry with me when I’m out.

My Sunday ended with feeling very full after having steamboat for dinner. I also found Kopparberg ciders at the supermarket yesterday. Yes, I was really thrilled! 😀 They came in bottles here, 1,20euro each. Alcohol is indeed very cheap here.


~ by A on January 19, 2009.

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