I arrived last Saturday afternoon. I was dead tired after more than 24hours of travelling, including waiting at the airports. I got to sleep on the airplane this time. I didn’t do any shopping at CDG because I was dead tired. I only bought 2 bottles of Bordeaux.

I’m turning a year older tomorrow. I’ve celebrated it with my family last Thursday. Sis bought me a black forest. I got a pair of Nine West from Christy. I got myself a 18k white gold pendant with a 0.04 carat diamond from a jewellery store in KLIA. It’s tiny and cute… It’s not the first diamond jewellery I own but definitely is the first one I bought for myself. I do own a few expensive jewellery but they’re mostly gifts from my parents, Mr.X and M. The only jewellery I’m wearing everyday is the gold necklace with cross pendant. I’ve been wearing it since I was young.

I have bought myself heaps of stuffs when I was home. I’ve spent a lot on cosmetics and skin care products. I couldn’t resist them. They’re so much cheaper. I bought a set of Kose Sekkisei after trying the products for 2 weeks (thanks to my sister who is so generous letting me try hers). I also brought back some MUFE, MAC and Benefit. Both my sisters and I spent the last 2 weeks of my stay buying new clothes like there’s no tomorrow. I was so glad that I checked in my luggage all the way to Prague and lady who worked at the check-in counter didn’t turn the scale on. I knew excess baggage would cost me an arm… Lucky me.

I stopped by at MAC again today during the lunch break. My favourite MA was at work. I only got myself the Brunette MSF from the new collection. The Hello Kitty collection will be out this Sunday. I’m not that thrilled with the collection after seeing the colours. They’re not really my type and I’m not a fan of HK. I prefer My Melody.

I’ve received a few birthday wishes from my friends who are now ‘living in my future’. It’s already midnight back home/Australia few hours ago. M’s on biz trip in Italy and he’s flying back on Friday evening. He asked if I want to spend a weekend in Rome as a birthday present. I’m not sure if I’m able to take a day off on Friday because it’s been crazy at work.  My colleague who covered me up when I was away is going on vacation tomorrow, that means, nobody will take care of the stuffs if I’m taking Friday off. Being a project manager isn’t fun.


~ by A on February 25, 2009.

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