MAC Hello Kitty Collection

Hello Kitty collection was launched on Sunday. I decided to check it out after my Sunday mass. When I first saw the colours, I wasn’t very impressed especially with the pink eyeshadow on the Too Dolly palette. The packaging is cool, not too much of pink and I kinda like it that way. My favourite MA #2 was at work yesterday and she tried the Too Dolly Palette on me since Lucky Tom Palette is a bit too light for me. After she’s done making me up, I told myself, ‘I can’t believe I’m wearing pink eyeshadow!’ All she said to me was, ‘The pink is really for you!’ I looked into the mirror and boy, I must get this palette!

Too Dolly Palette

She also tried Nice Kitty and She Loves Candy lipglass on me. I wouldn’t buy Nice Kitty which is sheer neon pink with blue pearl without trying it on me first. The colour looks great on my pigmented lips. I always find it hard to get a pink lipglass. The other pink I’ve from MAC is Dewey Jube Lipgelee which has been discontinued.

Nice Kitty Lipglass

I walked out of MAC store with this cute bag.

Hello Kitty

I guess I should avoid going to MAC for a while because I may end up buying everything from this collection. Hah.


~ by A on March 3, 2009.

One Response to “MAC Hello Kitty Collection”

  1. This is very beautiful and Hello kitty is so cute!

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