I Keep Coming Back…

I’ve been bad this week. Instead of going to my Yoga class after work today, I sat at home watching TV series and finally finished the Tim Tam! M’s on business trip in Germany this week and I’ve too much free time so I went shopping again. I’m going to ban myself from shopping, no joking.

What’s in the shopping bags?

5 tops from Zara. I was happy to find them in XS-S.

I got another Hello Kitty tote again! My original plan was to get the #219 brush but I ended up getting a #266, #226 (limited edition from Brunette Blonde Redhead collection).

MAC MSF in Petticoat – I was really surprised they still have them in store! It’s really pretty. I’m in love with the MSF.


Nars Blush in Deep Throat – What’s M gonna say when he sees this? Deep Throat, what?! Orgasm is light and Super Orgasm is too glittery. I’ve Stark Naked from MAC’s Red She Said collection which is also one of my favourites is a good dupe. I like Deep Throat. I don’t have anything similar  in my blush collections. Torrid will be my next Nars blush.

Deep Throat

Some cosmetics haul from Jan/Feb…

MAC MSF in Brunette – I got this one a couple of weeks ago. The other two shades don’t show up on me. My first MSF.


French boy helped me to pick up some items from MAC PRO when he’s in Paris visiting his family. Bio-Green (top) and Bottle Green (bottom) eyeshadows (I’m a sucker for green eyeshadows).

I was at MAC in KLCC in Jan, the MA was very sweet and helpful. I bought 2 refills – Freshwater and Sable and some other stuffs. I’ve read about rude and arrogant MAC MAs in Malaysia. From my past experiences, I was served by really friendly MAs but I can’t comment more on this because I always went to the one in KLCC.

I bought more stuffs when I was in Malaysia but am too lazy to upload the pictures. One of the best stuffs I’ve gotten this year is Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. I love that thing! I also bought some Benefit, Kose Sekkisei and Sekisho skin care products. My sister bought me a Missha M Perfect Cover Bb Cream. There’s a Skin Food store in the mall near to my place. I was there twice and the only things I bought were the nail polish.


~ by A on March 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “I Keep Coming Back…”

  1. 5 tops…..is Zara still on discount??

  2. They still have some stuffs on discount right now, mostly cardigans and knitwear.

  3. Those MSFs look so yummy! I don’t own a single one – strange eh? I’d love to get Zara at a discount. Our Zara discounts here are barely worth talking about – still expensive 😦

  4. Paris: I love the MSFs. I wear them alone or as highlights. These are the only two I’ve at the moment. Zara discount here is a real madness. I picked up a 100% merino wool sweater for EUR7, that’s less than RM35! The original price was around EUR30.

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