Sunny Saturday

Woke up at 9 this morning with sore neck and a headache. I thought I was waking up in Malaysia! The room was so warm. It’s really really sunny outside and the heater was on at the max (it was freezing cold last night). I’m not sure what’s with the sore neck but the headache was probably from the wine last night. After breakfast, I went back to sleep again. Woke up around 2 and we went for a walk.

It’s weekend so it’s M’s turn to cook. We’re having butter chicken and rice for lunch today. I should say dinner instead since it’s almost 5 now.

I re-arranged my craft supplies last night and found out I’m really addicted to trims! I’ve so many of them! I’ve no idea what to do with them and yet I keep buying. I found these ones when I was home. I couldn’t resist them. I bought all the colours they’ve in store. They’re so cute in person. I’ve around 4 yards for each colour. These are just some of the trims I’ve bought.


I also bought these fabrics from home. The fabric store I always get my fabrics from when I’m visiting home carries a lot of Japanese fabrics but they don’t really have a lot of cute ones. They aren’t cheap though so I just bought 4 yards in total.

New Fabrics

I found China Glaze at the nail salon where I used to get a manicure done once. I wasn’t impressed with their services because the lady who did my nails was doing a pretty bad job. Anyway, I walked in a few months ago to see if they’ve any new collection from essie (they’re using essie’s products). I found a bunch of China Glaze nail polish in the ‘On Discount’ basket. I’ve never tried China Glaze before so I decided to try their nail polish. Evening Seduction was my first one. The original price was around 10€ and I got it for 6€. I’m used to OPI brushes but I’m happy with China Glaze’s. Since then, if I happen to walk pass by the salon, I’ll take a look at what’s new in the store. I bought 4 more this week and found out there are a few online stores in the states which ship to Europe. They’re around $2.99 each (that’s like 2,20€!). The shipping cost is $15 up to 6 bottles of nail polish which is still cheap to buy them online.

China Glaze


~ by A on March 21, 2009.

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