Spring Allergies

I just came across this website a while ago and find it really useful. The birch pollen season peaked last week and will continue until next week. This explains why I couldn’t be on the balcony for less than 5mins without itchy eyes and I could feel my allergies is getting worse. I’ve had skin prick tests and blood tests last spring. As a result, I’m highly allergic to birch pollen followed by hazel pollen. I live near to a park full of birch trees. They’re very common here.

I went to take some wild cherry and wild plum blossoms last week, came home with really bad allergies. My eyes are watery and my nose is running now. I can’t wait till the blooming season is over. I hate this time of the year.

This photo was taken last week. The wild plum trees  in front of the building were flowering. They were really beautiful but the flowers stunk! There were lots of bees on the trees. I managed to find a ‘bees-free’ spot and took numerous pictures. Most of them were blurry because of my shaky hands. Hey, I’m afraid of the bees!!


This one was taken in the backyard. One of the ladies from our block takes care of the flowers here. I’m not sure if these ones stunk too because my nose was stuffed. Uhm, thanks to the allergies!



~ by A on April 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spring Allergies”

  1. I love the first picture!
    Well, I’ve always liked your pictures, hehe.

  2. […] never really my favourite season of the year because of my allergies. I remember writing an entry on this last […]

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