Sigma SS188 & Other Brushes

I have read a lot of raves about Sigma Makeup brushes and would really like to try them since the quality is comparable with MAC brushes. The SS188 I have been waiting finally became available recently. My order arrived a few days ago and I finally got the chance to try the brush out. What can I say? I’m loving it!

Sigma SS188

The brush is very soft and desnse. It shed a few  It flares out and shed a few hair when I first washed it. I used it for applying NARS Deep Throat and was really pleased with the results! It picks up more colour than the other blush brushes I own.

It’s definitely worth the money I have paid. The brush is $14 and $5.60 for international shipping. It only took 4 days for my brush to arrive.

Blush Brushes

These are my brushes I use to apply blushes I have collected over the years. From left to right. Sephora Professional Angled Blush #40: This brush is dense but it isn’t soft enough for my liking. I use it when I’m in a hurry. Sigma SS188, need I say more? EcoTools blush brush: This one is soft and dense and does a great job. I like it but I prefer smaller brush because it is a little too big for me. Red Earth Blush Brush #2: This is one of the oldest brush in my collection! I bought it back in 2002 (ahh… those days in uni and Red Earth cosmetics). It’s very soft and is still one of my favourite brushes. The brush started to shed when I use/wash it. It’s old but I still love it, I carry it with me everyday in my makeup bag. MAC 187SE: I use this one for liquid foundation and blushes.

Here are some of my brushes. 80% of them are MAC.

Makeup Brushes


~ by A on May 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Sigma SS188 & Other Brushes”

  1. i just ordered my SS188 and i was browsing for some reviews =) im happy to hear that it only came after 4 days with international shipping =D now i cant wait to get mine!
    thanks for the overview =)

  2. Hello there! Please do reply! Is that the MAC 187se from adoring carmine collection?! I dont know how large the ss188 is so I’m trying to compare it based on your pics! =)

  3. Hi! Yup, it’s from Adoring Carmine collection in 2008 🙂

  4. Wow! The sigma brush is tiny… lol! Thanks so much for the reply! Love your collection!

  5. what country are you from?

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