Majolica Majorca

I was introduced to Majolica Majorca by my little sister. I’ve been wanting to try their products since she has been telling me how good their mascara are. I didn’t get to check the products out when I was in KL earlier this year (spent 9 hours in the city before catching my next flight home) because I was too busy with other brands like MUFE, Benefit and MAC (MAC is 30% cheaper in Malaysia!).

My best buddy, Kev bought these for me when he was in KL. What I have here are RD255 and PK333. These blushes are very pigmented. RD255 is peachy pink with golden shimmer. I’ve read it’s a dupe for NARS Orgasm on My Women Stuff. The colours are very similar. PK333 is matte pink and I don’t have any colours in my collection that look like this one.

Majolica Majorca  

PK333 shows up a little on me but am not really a pink blush person. I prefer RD255, it looks peachy-pink on my skin. It can be my everyday blush in summer. I can’t wait to wear it… I’m taking part in My Women Stuff’s 1 Month 1 Blush 1 Eyeshadow. I started the challenge last week but only the blush part *lol* I always ask myself, ‘Should it be Deep Throat today or Stark Naked? Hmm… how about Nuance…’ The blush of the month is MAC Peachykeen which I just bought a few weeks ago.


~ by A on May 25, 2009.

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