Happy 3rd Anniversary to Me & Prague!

Woke up before 9am on a Sunday, is something very unusual for me. I spent the morning cutting fabrics for my first patchwork quilt project. I’m loving the new rotary cutter set! It makes fabric cutting so easy. Putting the blocks together is easier than I thought. I’m pretty with the result so far.


I baked some muffins a while ago. I can still smell vanilla in my kitchen. The last time I baked was before Christmas. I made some cupcakes last weekend and they turned out to be too sweet. I don’t usually follow the measurement in the recipe books because they’re always too sweet for my liking.


An update from my container garden, the sugar peas are growing so fast, so are the bak choy and okra. I sowed the seeds two weekends ago and now they’re getting bigger. I’m more excited about the bak choy. Baby bak choy in packs are available in Tesco but they’re really pricey.

Sugar Peas

People who have been knowing me for ages will not believe if I tell them what I’m doing on a weekend – gardening, sewing and baking! The Mandy they know was only good in shopping, spending money, partying… What has Europe done to me? 5 years ago today I was still in uni, if you told me plant a seed, I’d think you’re a boring person. I guess it comes with the age… Mandy, you’re getting older!

It’s been 3 years since I first moved to Prague. I remember it was a Wednesday, windy and brrrr.. cold like today. I started my first day in the company the next Monday. It’s been a wonderful 3 years though I could go on with what I hate about living here, like, paying high taxes! If I didn’t move here, I wouldn’t have the career I’ve always wanted. If it wasn’t because both V and I were so into our career and back in long distance relationship again, we wouldn’t have broken up after 6 years together. If it wasn’t for DXX, I wouldn’t have the chance to meet a wonderful person like M (I’m always against dating someone from work but M was a contractor, I could care less. Heh.) Yes, everything happens for a reason.


~ by A on May 31, 2009.

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