Still Kicking!

I had a good 12 hours sleep but I still feel very tired and sleepy. Was in the office in Brussels, just flew back home last night to the empty apartment. M’s on business trips in the states and Canada again. When he’s back next weekend, I’m going to fly to Dubai for the project roll-out.

Work is getting a little hectic nowadays. My ‘small to medium’ projects have turned into bigger projects than I thought they should be. I’m the youngest and the only female among the project managers who are in this mega project. ‘Good morning gentlemen and girl…’ Yes, that girl is me. It’s always fun to work with people who are around my age but I also enjoy working older and more experienced people as they can guide  and coach you.

Both M and I have been really busy and we do not have any summer vacations planned. Originally we planned to go to Crete but he had to fly to the US around that time and I started working on this new project so we just had to cancel it. I’ve been working long hours everyday and I wish there are extra 12hrs a day so I can get my work done! I desperately need a vacation. October seems to be so far away! I can’t wait to see mom again.


~ by A on August 22, 2009.

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