Oh Dubai…

Despite the fact that I worked almost 10hrs a day for the past 5 days, I really enjoyed my stay in Dubai. The temperature and humidity were a little bit too much but I got used to it quickly. Since it is the Ramadan month, shopping malls are open till 1am. After leaving the office around 7pm, we usually headed to the malls (The Dubai Mall, The Mall of Emirates, Festival Center) before going for dinner at Madinat Jumeriah.

Madinat Jumeriah is so beautiful, it feels very unreal. I hope I got to see it during the daytime.


There are many good restaurants around serving all types of cuisine, the prices is very reasonable and cheaper than what we usually pay in fine dining in Europe.


M recommended Pai Thai in Al Qasr. We went there for dinner two nights ago for some hot and spicy Thai cuisine.

Dubai is an amazing city, it is definitely worth a visit. If it was not for business, I doubted I would ever think of going there. It is indeed a shopping paradise. The Dubai Mall is 440,000 square feet. It is huge. I also like Mall of Emirates, that is where Dubai Ski is located. I went a bit out of control spending money. I just could not help it! It is so much cheaper there!


I have always wanted to see Burj Al Dubai. It looks so magnificient in photos. However, when I saw it right in front of me, I did not find it that impressive. Burj Dubai is gigantic. I did not get to take any pictures because I always saw it from the cab. I was at The Dubai Mall but was too busy with shopping and did not bother to walk outside to snap some pictures of the tower.

Will I ever want to go back to Dubai again? Yes. No. Yes – a shopping paradise and there are so many places to check out but too little time. No – the weather is a little bit too much for me.


~ by A on September 7, 2009.

One Response to “Oh Dubai…”

  1. 實在太羨慕妳了!妳應該敗了不少東西,有空拍照貼上來,讓我乾過癮一下嘛!

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