Sandy T

It’s been a week (tomorrow!) since we brought Sandy home. Sandy is a rare name for a boy but my little doggie is Sandy. He’s the cutest thing on earth, really sweet and smart. He demands a lot of attention and love. He just turned 3-month old two days ago. He had his second vaccination yesterday and we’re told not to bring him outside the house until next week.

He's Home!

When he first brought him home, he was totally confused but wasn’t afraid of us. The next morning, when I got him out of his crate, he ran to me, jumping around – what a happy little thing! He spends most of his time sleeping.

Our original plan was to have his crate in the kitchen where he will sleep. Guess where he’s sleeping now? In our bedroom. We have his bed next to the door, there’s where he’s sleeping. M told me he won’t be surprised if one day he’ll be sleeping with us on the bed!

He loves to play with me but if he needs some love, he’ll go to M. He’s usually sleepy around 7ish, that’s when we’re having dinner and telly time. He’ll go and hide under the sofa or runs to another room and sleeps.

When he comes and sits next to us, he’ll end up on M’s like this

What He Loves...

‘How could I not falling in love with him?’ That’s what M tells me everyday. He’s right, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Sandy. He brings lots of fun and laughter to our lives.


~ by A on November 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sandy T”

  1. Oh, Sandy is so cute! I have a Yorkie, Cocker Spaniel and a Jack Russell, kind of make our lives really fun don’t they! They are always happy to see ya! Have a Merry Christmas!


  2. hello Sandy! 🙂

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