It’s 2010

The beginning of a new decade. I hope 2010 will be a great year for all of us. My 2-week year end vacation was awesome. I spent Christmas with M’s family as I do every year. We came back to Czech Republic after Boxing Day and celebrated the New Year with some friends.

Am looking forward to my next vacation. We’re going home to celebrate CNY =) I can’t wait to see my family again! We’ll be spending 2 weeks there and if M has to go for biz trip in HK, I may go too! I hope he’ll go 😀

Sandy Boy is turning 5-month old next week. He weighs around 1.3kg now, very playful and is a fast learner. This morning when I gave him his favourite biscuit, I noticed he’s started hiding his food!

♥  Sandy ♥

Like most of the European countries, we’re also experiencing the extremely cold and heavy snow conditions. I’ve never seen so much snow in this part of the country before. Sandy loves the snow but it’s too cold for him to go out and play. I’ll walk him for a few mins and we go home. He has his jacket on but poor guy is shaking. I’ll open the door in the kitchen so that he can go out and play in the snow a bit and comes back in when he feels like. Usully it’s not longer than 5 mins 🙂


~ by A on January 13, 2010.

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