Hong Kong Part 1

I’ve always wanted to visit HK and we finally had the chance. It’s my first time there (courtesy of M!). I had a great time. It’s a last min trip, M’s 2-weeks vacation turned 1-week because he had to go to HK for business.

I got to speak to the locals in my not very good Cantonese. Everyone speaks to me in Cantonese (yes, my mom always says I look more and more Chinese compare to when I was young) even though I’d prefer to speak to them in English. Anyway, they understood me so I guess my Cantonese isn’t that bad afterall 😉

Day 1
We flew to Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur with Cathay Pacific. We always thought we should be flying with Malaysia Airlines instead. I’d choose any other airlines other than Cathay Pacific after the horrible experience I had with them when we flew to Melbourne from Amsterdam last autumn.

We arrived on Sunday late afternoon and only arrived to our hotel around 6ish. We took our time to rest and fresh up a bit before going out for dinner. We walked around a bit and went back to hotel earlier because M had to prepare for his presentation the next day.

Since M had to work during the daytime, I explored HK on my own. HK is a shopping paradise, need I say more? We stayed in a hotel in North Point. It’s located closely to Fortress Hill MTR station. It’s really easy to go around HK and Kowloon with MTR.

Hong Kong

Day 2
My first stop was Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. I spent my entire afternoon walking around, taking pictures and of course, shopping. I was told Mong Kok is a must-visit place when one is in HK. I took the MTR and made my way to Mong Kok. I was in the area for 15mins and decided to go back to the hotel. It was so crowded. Too crowded for my liking, in fact. The main reason I went there was to get some new lenses and accessories for my camera. I didn’t bother to check out the infamous Ladies’ Market because I’ve spent most of my cash at Harbour City and I’d have to go to change more HK dollars.

Hong Kong

Day 3
I joined a HK half day tour (more details in the next entry). Reached the hotel after 2pm, I decided to go to Harbour City again! Since my birthday was only a few days away, I treated myself a new Louis Vuitton handbag. I bought a Damier Neverfull this time. Most of the luxury goods are indeed cheaper in HK. I’m pretty sure it is double priced here in Prague. I’ve been to LV stores in different countries, the ones in HK surprised me the most. There were a lot of people. All the sales assistants were so busy. I stood there for 10mins because there were another 6 people in front of me who asked to see the bags on the display shelves. It gave me a feeling of being in a supermarket. This picture was taken after 10pm, after business hours.

Hong Kong

I also went to Faces to check out some makeup. I only bought some Bobbi Brown and MAC (Riveting collection was launched that day). I went to SaSa just across the street to get more Japanese makeup/skin care. By the way, SaSa is literally in almost every corner in HK.

In the evening, M and I went to Rice Paper in Harbour City for some Vietnamese food. I wasn’t very impressed with what we ordered. I’ve had way better iced milk tea elsewhere. After dinner, we took a walk along the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront and Avenue of Stars. I didn’t bring my tripod with me, out of hundred of photos I’ve taken, this one turned out just fine.

Hong Kong

Day 4
Doing the last minute shopping today. I made my way to Sham Shui Po to buy sewing supplies. I ended up buying 50 yards of laces and ribbons. They’re so cheap. I’m kicking myself now for not buying more! I went to Mongkok again to pick up a new lens. I also stopped by Ginza Plaza to check some toy shops (I thought I’d buy some dolly stuffs), to my surprise they only open in late afternoon. I continued shopping at Sogo in Causeway Bay. I only bought some blouses and tops from Japan, a cute light pink handbag for just HK$139 after discount and some Japanese snacks. I called it a day around 5pm after I had done shopping at SaSa!

We found a Vietnamese restaurant somewhere near to our hotel in the evening and M decided we should have Vietnamese food for dinner (not again?!) I wouldn’t mind another bowl of Pho since I wasn’t really hungry. The food was actually very good and the price was reasonable.

Day 5
It’s our last day here. Our flight was in the afternoon. After our breakfast in the hotel, we took a walk around the blocks again and bought some small souvenirs. The flight from HK to Kuala Lumpur took around 3 1/2 hrs or maybe less. This time we flew with Malaysia Airlines.

Hong Kong


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