Happy Easter to those who are/not celebrating. I know I’ve been bad. I didn’t really get any sleep last night because of my stuffy nose. My spring allergies have started. I didn’t make it to the church today because I woke up with a pink eye (not really an infection, I think I was allergic to something). My eye was red and irritating. It’s getting better now but I could still feel the irritation.

We spent the entire day cleaning the apartment, throwing away stuffs we don’t need/use anymore. I also spring cleaning my cosmetics drawer. It’s always so messy and I had to dig to find something I need. Threw away plenty of old stuffs which I haven’t used for a long time. Found some empties which I’m going to bring them to MAC for B2M.

Spring Cleaning

The drawer looks really neat now. There are more stuffs behind all these little storage boxes M bought me a few weeks ago. How sweet 🙂 I think it’s because he can’t stand my messiness! But hey, that’s my cosmetics cabinet, no? I found a lot of samples my beauty therapist gave me. Most of them are Payot and Darphin. There are also plenty of samples from Sephora (they started sending them to me in mails) and perfume samples.

We don’t really have plan for tomorrow since M has to prepare for his business trip (going away for 2 weeks. Boo…) and I should start preparing for my APICS  CSCP certification exam in December. There are 4 modules and no classroom training. I’ve read a few chapters and I wish I understand more business terms!


~ by A on April 4, 2010.

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